Image Who are the goodwill ambassadors of UNESCO?
18 Nov 2019

Who are the goodwill ambassadors of UNESCO?

Ambassadors of UNESCO

UNESCO or the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization is a specialized agency of the United Nations (United Nations). Its purpose is to build peace in the minds of men and women across the world. It aims to promote peace, ethics and dialogue in different ways.

They intend to achieve that through the training of young people, the development of inclusion policies, the use of sport and education as tools of development. It aims to defend and promote values such as human rights, human dignity, mutual respect and equality. This article can enlighten you about UNESCO's Goodwill Ambassadors.

Who are the UNESCO Goodwill Ambassadors?

About Goodwill Ambassadors

They are renowned national or international personalities in the service of UNESCO's principles. They are chosen by the organization and generously agree to use their talents and charisma to have great impact by attracting the attention of the media. They work mainly in the sensitization of the world's opinion to the missions of UNESCO which are the promotion of the education, the science and the culture of the peace. And that is where UNESCO and Prem Rawat pursue the same goal.

And to this end, the UNESCO Club of Malaga recommends the Prem Rawat Peace Education Program. Ambassadors are personalities who have a talent recognized worldwide in the following areas:

  • Art, 
  • Sciences, 
  • Literature, 
  • Entertainment, 
  • Sports, 
  • Other areas of public life.

They are people of good will who demonstrate their commitment and ability to reach out to policy makers and significant audiences. Their actions are indeed able to amplify the visibility, effectiveness and credibility of UNESCO. There are also artists for peace, sports champions and special envoys of UNESCO. Those people are the ones under the spotlight and can therefore catch attention and have good influence on others.

List of Goodwill Ambassadors

Coming from all countries and recognized internationally, get to know the UNESCO Goodwill Ambassadors through the following list: 

  • Ivonne A-Baki 
  • Ara Abramian 
  • Valdas Adamkus 
  • Mehriban Aliyeva 
  • Alicia Alonso 
  • Christiane Amanpour 
  • Patrick Baudry 
  • Mrs Chantal Biya 
  • Pierre Cardin 
  • Claudia Cardinale 
  • Her Royal Highness the Princess of Hanover 
  • Esther Coopersmith 
  • Her Royal Highness Princess Dana Firas 
  • Jean Michel Jarre 
  • Cheick Modibo Diarra 
  • Placido Domingo
  • Tan Dun 
  • Maha El-Khalil Chalabi
  • VigdísFinnbogadóttir 
  • Her Royal Highness Princess Firyal
  • Bahia Hariri 
  • Juan Diego Florez
  • Ivry Gitlis 
  • Nizan Guanaes
  • Herbie Hancock
  • Christine Hakim
  • Vitaly Ignatenko
  • Nasser David Khalili
  • Deeyah Khan
  • Marc Ladreit de Lacharrière
  • Vera Michalski-Hoffman
  • Sr. Princess Lalla Meryem of Morocco
  • Miguel Angel Estrella
  • Rabah Madjer
  • Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn
  • Jean Malaurie
  • S.A.R. Grand Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg
  • Denis Matsuev
  • Rigoberta Menchu Túm
  • Maria Francesca Merloni
  • Oskar Metsavaht
  • VikMuniz
  • KitínMuñoz
  • Alexandra Ochirova
  • Cristina Owen-Jones
  • Kim Phuc Phan Thi
  • Susana Rinaldi
  • Ute-Henriette Ohoven
  • Andrés Roemer
  • Yazid Sabeg
  • Serik Sapiyev
  • Dr. Sen Genshitsu
  • Giancarlo Elia Valori
  • Hayat Sindi
  • Salif Traoré (A'salfo)
  • Zurab Tsereteli
  • Marianna Vardinoyannis
  • Sunny Varkey

They are all from various fields to reach people of various interests and age groups. The common point about them all is having achieved something worthy for the world and having good influence on others to change lives as superheroes do.